Chesed El means “Bountiful Mercy and Goodness of G-d”.

Although services at the Chesed El Synagogue follow the Sephardic arrangement, it has an almost equal number of regular Ashkenazi and Sephardi congregants who attend its services:

  • Shaharit on Monday mornings, 7.25am, followed by complimentary breakfast
  • Minha, Kabbalat Shabbat and Arvit on Friday evenings, 6.45pm, followed by complimentary Kiddush and dinner*
  • Shaharit on Saturday mornings, 9.30am, followed by complimentary Kiddush and lunch*

* We welcome you to make reservations to join us for Shabbat meals using the following form (please include number of guests):

You can also email us yourself at or SMS us at (65)86413570